Employer Services

Employer Services:


The goal Of LWIA 4 is to help businesses meet the challenges of recruiting, hiring, training and retaining a highly skilled workforce.
LWIA options include:

Apprenticeship - Gain a valuable workforce development tool.  For information and technical assistance about sponsoring a demand driven apprenticeship program. 

Customized Training - Providing suitable training to prepare LWIA 4 jobseekers with marketable skills. 
Employment Services - Including electronic job listings, testing and guidance, worker recruitment, screening and referrals.
Federal Bonding - For high risk individuals. Call 
Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) - We can assist with the cost of specialized training as an answer to competitive pressure.  
Labor Market Information (LMI) - To help you better understand today's complex workforce.   
On-the-Job Training (OJT) - We can provide up to $3,000 in direct payments toward on the job training costs. 

Rapid Response - In the event of layoffs or closures, the Rapid Response team can deliver on-site services to affected employees and provide employers with information on how to assist their workforce during staffing reduction events.

Unemployment Insurance - Assitance is available for both claimants and employers.  
Veterans Programs - To aid former service members to re-enter the civilian workforce.   

WorkKeys - Ensures you hire employees with the skills necessary to do the job. 
Work Opportunity Tax Credit - Available to employers for hiring individuals with barriers to  employment. 


LWIA 4 Business Services Representative can talk with you about:

  • Guidance on using the resources and services that are available through the One-Stop System partners and at specific One-Stop Center locations.
  • Assistance reviewing your job openings and help locating qualified candidates that are available to fill your positions immediately.
  • Assistance with developing a proposal for pre-qualification and/or customized training for new or existing employees.
  • Updated alerts on tax credits and help with completing regulatory paperwork.
  • A guarantee that job listings or training requests will be shared with the entire One-Stop System network so that you get maximum visibility and a quick response.